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Palm Stones: Chocolate Calcite  - Chocolate Calcite

Palm Stones: Chocolate Calcite - Chocolate Calcite

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The Chocolate Calcite from Pakistan is making waves and trending in the Crystal World. Chocolate Calcite Tumbled Stones are beautiful, dark brown like cocoa beans and feature stripes or banding of a lighter brown or tan. Chocolate Calcite has an immensely grounding and stabilizing energy that brings a sense of inner balance and expanded awareness. It also helps to create a sense of emotional stability by reminding one to be steadfast in testing times, empowering and encouraging one to utilize all of energies constructively for growth and prosperity. Our Chocolate Calcite Palm stones have the perfect shape and smooth texture to be held in hand or to be placed under pillow at night. They can make a stunning decor item and amplify energy in their vicinity. Ideal for meditation and energy work as they reduces fear and stress and also aid physical healing.