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Unique Amethyst Specimen with small Calcite Inclusions

The unique and mesmerizing Amethyst Specimen with gorgeous amethyst points and small calcite inclusions. Due to its stunning beauty and varied healing benefits, Amethyst is very popular amongst crystal enthusiasts. It is a crystal of purification and spiritual protection that brings calmness, relieves stress, dispels negativity, activates spiritual awareness. It is ideal to keep in meditation spaces, in bedroom, living room or any of one's sacred space. It has a soothing influence which encourages inner strength, wealth and a clear mind. Add this to your product collection with the confidence that it will entice your customers and boost your sales! Please note that each piece is hand-picked and you will receive the exact piece as seen in the picture. Sold: Per Piece Weight: 2 LBS Size: 6.5 x 3.5 inches
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