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⚡️ Catalyst- 3 Week Mentorship ⚡️


I have done many mentorships with incredible souls around the world. My favorite way to get out of a funk is to begin a mentorship. The best way to do it in my opinion is find someone you feel called towards. Investing in myself has never lead me astray.

I am honored you are here reading about my offering dear one, welcome. ❤️ No matter where you are in your journey, I would love to help you. Are you stuck or stagnant? Let's talk. Are you holding yourself back out of fear? Let's face it together. Have you been hiding yourself? Let me help you bloom.

I will be a safe space for you during our time together. I will also use my intuitive abilities to guide our sessions as needed, which may include card readings, mediumship, energy healing, sigil drawing, meditations, and whatever else may come through. Each session will be its own adventure.

We will meet once a week for 60 minutes for 3 weeks. I will be available for e-mail support in between sessions. There is also an option for me to put together an intuitive package before we begin to guide you through this work with a little extra support (ok, a lot of goodies in this for you). ✨

Are you feeling like this is for you? Ask yourself, take a moment. Trust what your body is telling you.

If it feels good, let's go! ⚡️

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