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Three Card Reading
Three Card Reading

Three Card Reading

DRIFT alchemy

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I use Tarot and/or Oracle cards on a daily basis. For guidance and encouragement, these cards are channeling messages for us to live to our highest potential. If we are open to it, the information we can receive knows no bounds. This practice has changed my life. 

I finally feel like it is time for me to share this offering with my beloved Drifters. In my three card readings I connect with your energy and ask for three cards. They can come from the same deck, or three different ones! Depends on where the messages are, but I am encouraged in the direction it is meant to be.

I do these readings as soon as I am able to privately, in my sacred space. Once I complete the reading, I will send you photos from the session, with all the card meanings and descriptions, via e-mail. I do not often offer my own translations from the cards for you, as I find that you hold the key to unlocking your own messages. But occasionally, I may feel called to give a nudge in a specific direction.

You can tell me one theme if you have a specific question or direction you want the reading to be. If not, I will be pulling these cards for you from a place of "What does ____ need to know right now?". 

I am very excited to offer these to you all, I hope you know how much it fills me up. ✨