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Angel Aura Quartz Polished Point - Choose BY WEIGHT

Angel Aura Quartz Polished Point - Choose BY WEIGHT

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Angel Aura Quartz is Clear Quartz bonded with Platinum resulting in an angelic rainbow sheen. Clear Quartz is the master healer and its gentle energy is amplified with the Aura coating. Aura Quartz is one of the best crystals to assist in transformation of spiritual paths. It emits a vibration that allows one to enter a state a calm and aids insight and connection with the divine. It is an uplifting stone that elevates mood, and gives strength and positivity. Our Aura Clear Quartz Polished Point has a number of uses from being a stunning piece for display to being a perfect gift for crystal lovers. It brings joy and optimism to its bearer. Ideal to be placed at home as bring peace and harmony to the surroundings, adding magic to the environment. Meditation with Angel Aura Quartz stimulates a state of serenity and purification. Add this beautiful crystal to your store to entice your customers with its beauty and intense healing benefits! Sold per piece Approx. 2-3.5" Tall