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Blue Kyanite Rune Set


Runes are the first divination tool I ever purchased. SO thankful for my friend and mentor Leslie, of Ceremonial, who introduced me to them. I have really enjoyed bonding and connecting with them. I use them for a daily dose of wisdom whenever I need it.

These crystal rune sets all have their own energy and alchemy within. While the Moss Agate is what I am drawn to the most, seeing the others I know these sacred stones are calling to their future owners. What calls to you? Trust your intuition.


Below you will find my interpretation of these crystals, but always listen to yourself, if you interpret them differently, stick to that. You have the magic within.


Blue Kyanite 💙

Communication, honesty, and connection.

Blue Kyanite is a stone of connection. To connect with yourself, your guides, or others around you, it helps to do so efficiently. If I find myself connecting with someone where my words are very important, and that I must speak clearly, I invite this stone to come with me for assistance. Such a wonderful stone.

Each rune set comes with a set of 25 runic symbols on crystals in a black velvet bag.

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