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Black Obsidian Rune Set

Black Obsidian Rune Set


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Runes are the first divination tool I ever purchased. SO thankful for my friend and mentor Leslie, of Ceremonial, who introduced me to them. I have really enjoyed bonding and connecting with them. I use them for a daily dose of wisdom whenever I need it.

These crystal rune sets all have their own energy and alchemy within. While the clear quartz is what I am drawn to the most, seeing the others I know these sacred stones are calling to their future owners. What calls to you? Trust your intuition.


Below you will find my interpretation of these crystals, but always listen to yourself, if you interpret them differently, stick to that. You have the magic within.


Amethyst 💜

Protective, loyal, and wise.

Amethyst is a powerhouse of a crystal. I find this stone to be the queen of meditation and higher self awareness. I have gone down the incredible rabbit hole of guided meditations and I will never forget the first meditation that I shared with Amethyst. I was moved to tears, the clarity and kinship I felt blew me away. This stone wants to help you find your center, and quickly. I find her to be the no-bullshit best friend who really wants to help you. 

Blue Kyanite 💙

Communication, honesty, and connection.

Blue Kyanite is a stone of connection. To connect with yourself, your guides, or others around you, it helps to do so efficiently. If I find myself connecting with someone where my words are very important, and that I must speak clearly, I invite this stone to come with me for assistance. Such a wonderful stone.

Clear Quartz ⚪️

Clarity, amplify, and versatile.

Clear Quartz is the first crystal I was drawn to, the first one I learned about, and the first one I purchased. The gateway crystal if you will. ;) It is said clear quartz can be used in place of any other crystal to replicate the energy. But on it's own it is helpful for clarity of thought, and amplifying energy and intentions.

Yellow Calcite 🌼

Sunshine, refresh, and happy.

The visualization I receive with this stone is enjoying a lemonade on a hot day. Quenching and refreshing. haha I don't recommend you eat this stone. But I do think this stone has a sunshine in your pocket kind of feel. When you bring this stone out it can encourage positivity and new beginnings. Who doesn't need that in their daily lives?!