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Mellow Morning™ Yerba Mate Tea
Mellow Morning™ Yerba Mate Tea

Mellow Morning™ Yerba Mate Tea

Lamie Wellness

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Mellow Morning™ Tea with Energizing Yerba Mate and Soothing Peppermint. Mellow Morning is a smooth and energizing tea that will put you on the right track for a productive day.

Mellow Morning was originally designed to help you recover from a night of drinking, but the benefits that it provides should be enjoyed every morning! When you have had one too many drinks at happy hour or when you need an extra boost, yerba mate will get you back on your feet and out of bed. This naturally caffeinated herbal tea provides a much needed mental boost while soothing your stomach and head. Try it with a spoon full of local honey!

Small Pouch | Net Wt. 0.75 oz | Makes 10 Cups of Tea Medium Pouch | Net Wt. 2.25 oz | Makes 30 Cups of Tea Ingredients • Organic Yerba Mate • Organic Chamomile • Organic Fennel • Organic Peppermint • Organic Ginger • Organic Hibiscus • Organic Lavender 

Handcrafted in Small Batches in Northern Michigan. We recommend steeping 1 tbsp of Mellow Morning for 4-5 minutes with 8 oz of 175℉ water.