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Palm Stone: Pistachio Calcite

Palm Stone: Pistachio Calcite

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The soothing Pistachio Calcite has a pale pistachio green color with delicate white veining and honey-brown mottling. Pistachio Calcite is a strong healing crystal known for its action for emotional, spiritual, physical and mental healing which means it has wide ranging effects on one’s health. It has a strong heart based energy that resonates within both the heart chakra and the higher solar plexus chakra. Our Pistachio Calcite Palm stones have the perfect smooth texture and size to be held in hand or placed under a pillow at night. They create a peaceful, cleansing and protective aura that acts to dissipate negative energy and enhance positive affirmations, making them suitable to meditate with. Make gorgeous decor to complement any setting. Perfect gift for crystal collectors. Our beautiful collection of Pistachio Calcite Products, sourced from Pakistan, will undoubtedly elevate your product offering and entice your customers!