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'Radiance' Mother's Day Burn Wand

'Radiance' Mother's Day Burn Wand

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Looking for a thoughtful and unique gift to give your customers this Mother's Day? Our Radiance smudge wand is the perfect choice. Crafted with care and attention to detail, the Radiance smudge wand includes a combination of eucalyptus, a sizable chunk of rose quartz, a full head of yellow rose, and chamomile. These natural ingredients create a beautiful and fragrant smudge that will cleanse any space and bring a sense of calm and relaxation to any mom's day. And the best part? The flowers included in our Radiance smudge wand don't die - they last forever. This is a wonderful way to show ongoing love for moms and let them know how much they are appreciated. The rose quartz in the Radiance smudge wand is believed to be a stone of unconditional love, making it a perfect gift for any mother. And with the addition of eucalyptus, yellow rose, and chamomile, it's a truly unique and thoughtful gift that your customers will love.