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Reflection Incense Cones
Reflection Incense Cones
Reflection Incense Cones

Reflection Incense Cones


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I have been obsessed with this art form since I discovered it around the holidays last year. I wanted so badly to share them with you then, but they just were not ready yet. I am so excited to share this blend with you.


I handcrafted this incense for you to burn when you need a moment. A getaway to connect with yourself, meditate, or just watch the smoke move hypnotically before you. This blend's ingredients are frankincense, dragons blood resin, cinnamon, clove, sandalwood, a touch of guar gum (a powder made of crushed guar beans), and Michigan rain water that has been charged by the super moon. 

✨5 cones ✨You will receive 5 of these hand rolled cones in a small muslin bag.

Burning tips:

Always burn your incense in a heat safe bowl with ash, salt, sand, or small pebbles underneath the incense cone to diffuse the heat and hold it in place. Light, let the flame sit for 6 seconds, then gently blow out and enjoy your moment. You may need to relight it if goes out. These incense cones burn for about 15-20 minutes depending on the size. Never leave your incense un-attended.