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Rose Quartz Natural Pendulum

Rose Quartz Natural Pendulum

Natures Artifacts Inc

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Pendulums were the first divination tool that called to me. When I picked it up I knew in some timeline somewhere I have touched this tool before. I use this tool to connect with my higher self. This tool can give you a yes or no, and sometimes maybe- if they are feeling cheeky. 😅

There are many videos on youtube to learn more about how to use it. But what I do is bond with it for a while, I wear it in my bra, keep it in a little bag on my bedside table or keep it on my altar. I take it out when I seek guidance, hold it with intention for a moment, then ask it to show me yes, thank it, then ask me it to show me no, thank it again. Then I go about asking the questions I seek guidance on. When I am done I say thank you a final time and sometimes give it a kiss. 😘 

This pendulum is made of rose quartz comes with a small cloth bag. ✨