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Rose Quartz Point | Rose Quartz Crystal | Crystal Points

Rose Quartz Point | Rose Quartz Crystal | Crystal Points

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The Rose Quartz is known to amplify the vibrations of all forms of Love; self love, love for friends or family or love for life in general. The Rose Quartz Point releases powerful healing energy from its apex that activates and aligns all chakras; significantly the Heart Chakra. It deep cleanses soul and aids in connecting one to one's higher self. It is ideal for meditation as it amplifies the flow of energy within the body and clears negative vibrations. It restores trust and harmony in relationships, boosts energy levels and instils peaceful vibes in its vicinity, wherever placed. Ideal to place at home. Great addition for any Crystal Grid or Crystal Collection. Makes a stunning display item and a beautiful gift for any occasion. Buy our beautiful, hand carved Rose Quartz Point, sourced from Brazil, to elevate your Stores Crystal Collection. Sold: Per piece