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Selenite Charing Plate with Gold Tree of Life

Selenite Charing Plate with Gold Tree of Life

Natures Artifacts Inc

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The lustrous white, polished Selenite Round Plate etched with golden Tree of Life makes an aesthetically stunning decor piece for any space along with having amazing cleansing and healing properties. The Tree of Life is a symbol of strength and growth as well as peacefulness and relaxation. Selenite brings mental clarity and clears confusion making it a great stone to meditate with or use for grid work or spiritual work. This plate can be used as a charging station to naturally clear, charge and reactivate gemstones and crystal jewelry. A stunning gift for ones seeking deep cleansing and positive affirmation for a new beginning. The Selenite Round Plate with Tree of Life is a must have product as part of your store collection to offer a delightful crystal chopping experience to your customers! Size: Approx. 8 cm