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Selenite Crystal Knife | Moroccan Selenite

Selenite Crystal Knife | Moroccan Selenite

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The Selenite Crystal Knife, hand-carved and polished to perfection, is a wonderful tool for energy work; particularly releasing negative energy, cleansing, and channelling energy. Selenite instils calmness and peace in the environment through its healing properties that open up the Crown Chakra. It is the ideal crystal for all types of energy clearing as it quickly unblocks any stagnant energy to create a smooth flow of positive energy. It is perfect for reactivating and recharging jewelry and other healing crystals. The Selenite Knife is perfect to be used during meditation for the practice of “cord cutting.” Makes a unique gift for avid crystal collectors and a tasteful piece of decor! Add our supreme quality Selenite collection, sourced from Morocco, to your store to elevate your product range and entice your customers. Size: 8 - 9 inches