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Selenite Sticks - Mini

Selenite Sticks - Mini

Natures Artifacts Inc

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The beautiful and lustrous Mini Selenite Sticks are an empowerment and support tool for life. They are great for setting intentions and holding on to those intentions. Selenite is a wonderful crystal associated with purity, healing and hope. It works to clear and protect any space, unblock stagnant energy and infuse it with high vibrations to create a smooth flow of positive energy. Our Mini Selenite Sticks are perfect to place at home or office or carry around like a portable energy pack. Ideal for use in meditation and Spiritual Work. Selenite also reactivates and recharges jewelry and other healing crystals placed near it. A unique gift for avid crystal collectors! Add our supreme quality Mini Selenite Sticks, sourced from Morocco, to your store to elevate your product range and entice your customers. Each piece, minimum 10 pieces Size: approx 3.5"