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Sphere - Orange Calcite | Crystal Spheres

Sphere - Orange Calcite | Crystal Spheres

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The Orange Calcite Sphere radiates an extremely gentle, cleansing and revitalizing energy in all directions, harmoniously. Orange Calcite is a powerful healing stone containing the element of fire. It links spiritual realm to the physical body and aids in healing emotional issues. It works as a catalyst to remove energy blockages within the body, strengthens confidence and enhances creativity. It opens the lower chakras and gives a gentle boost to the development of psychic abilities and intuition. Easy to hold and work with during meditation or spiritual practices, to bring back optimism, joy and positive energy. Visually appealing for artistic decor. An amazing gift for crystal lovers. Possessing the energies known to repair, restore, strengthen and protect, Orange Calcite perfectly fits into any collection of healing crystals. Buy our high quality Orange Calcite Sphere to offer your customers a delightful crystal shopping experience. Size: 7.5 cm