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Black Galaxy Amethyst - One of Kind Crystal YLOT5-E

Black Galaxy Amethyst - One of Kind Crystal YLOT5-E

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Black Galaxy Amethyst is a powerful and unique crystal stone for spiritual protection and awakening. Black Galaxy Amethyst also can vigorously purify and cleanse a space. Ideal to use during meditation to activate, balance, and clear all blockages in the Chakras. It is perfect to be placed in homes or offices to help manifest peace, strength, enlightenment, and protect from negative energies. The Black Galaxy Amethyst never needs to be cleansed. Buy our finest quality, Black Galaxy Amethyst, sourced from Brazil, to entice your customers. Please note that each piece is hand-picked and you will receive the exact piece as seen in the picture. Weight: 0.92 LBS Size: 6 Inches in width